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There Might Be No Christmas - 30 Minute Mystery


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There Might Be No Christmas

Add intrigue to your next party with this mystery game, set at a the North Pole.
Format: 30 Minute Mystery
Setting: The North Pole
Players: 8-16 (Standard Game)
17-100+ (Expanded Game)
Time: 30+ minutes
Ages: Family / Children
Santa's presents are gone! We need them back tonight!


Your guests will play the roles of various inhabitants of the North Pole, including elves, reindeer, snowmen, and other creatures from Christmas folklore. Santa Claus has summoned everyone to his workshop. The normally jolly old man has a stern look on his bearded face as he solemnly tells us that his workshop has been broken into and his magic sack of Christmas presents has been stolen! Without the sack, there can be no Christmas.

Solving the Mystery

Santa has called everyone to gather because they are under suspicion of theft! One of the helpers is responsible, and the group needs to find out who. There's no time to spare; it's Christmas Eve, and if the sack of toys isn't recovered soon, Santa won't be able to deliver presents to all the good little boys and girls!


There are 8 primary characters in this game. Read the "How to Play" section for instructions on how to play this game with more than 8 people.

  • Donner: One of Santa's eight tiny reindeer, Donner is well known for his frequent complaints regarding the difficulty of the Christmas sleigh flight.
  • Ivan Blizzard: Lead Foreman at the Toy Factory, Ivan is an enthusiastic go-getter whose utter devotion to Christmas has never been questioned.
  • Ernest Winters: One of Santa's elves, Ernest's enthusiasm for Christmas has notably waned in the past six months.
  • Kristina Kringle: Also known as the Christmas Fairy, Kristina Kringle was once a famous holiday icon; some suspect that she is bitter that Santa Claus has stolen her glory.
  • Caroline Claus: Mrs. Claus is Santa's wife and second-in-command; she is one of the most beloved inhabitants of the North Pole.
  • Tonya Baum: A beautifully decorated singing Christmas tree planted outside the Toy Factory, Tonya is a gentle soul who always has a kind word and a Christmas carol for any passersby.
  • Jacky Frost: An animated snowwoman brought to life by an enchanted hat, Jacky Frost is responsible for imbuing all of Santa's toys with a dash of Christmas magic.
  • The Krampus: Santa's least-beloved helper, the Krampus is the monster who brings coal and switches to the children on Santa's "naughty" list.

How to Play

Our line of 30 Minute Mysteries is specially designed for fast setup and easy play. All you need to do to get started is:

  1. Print out the party guide
  2. Gather a group of players
  3. Hand out character sheets and name tags
  4. Follow the party guide instructions

Best of all, the party facilitator can choose whether they join in the game and solve the mystery along with the other guests!

Playing the Game

While this mystery has 8 primary characters, it is designed to accommodate any number of additional players. See the "Expanded Game for Large Groups" section below if you have more than 8 players.

Each of the players will be assigned a character and given a character sheet that explains who or what their character is, what information their character knows, and how their character should respond to events that occur during the game.

The game will progress in rounds.

Round One will start with the party's host or hostess reading a script that explains the nature of the mystery that is afoot. After the introduction is read, each player at the table will share a piece of information from their character sheet, and all the other players will have an opportunity to respond to that piece of information.

Round Two begins with the host sharing a clue that should shed further light on the mystery. After the clue is revealed, the players will once again go around the table, providing another piece of information and then responding.

Round Three, the final round, begins with the host sharing the last clue. The players then go around the table a final time, sharing their last piece of information and responding to each other.

By this point, the players should have learned enough information to be able to piece together a theory about who was responsible for the murder. Each player (or team) will say the name of the person who they think is responsible. The host will then read the final page of the mystery aloud, revealing the culprit. Any player or couple who correctly guessed the identity of the killer is declared a winner.

From start to finish, the entire game should generally only require half an hour to complete.

Note: As the host or hostess, there are certain times when you will be called upon to read aloud passages from this booklet. Passages that are meant to be read aloud will be clearly labeled and contained in a gray box.

What Do I Need in Order to Play?

Our 30 Minute Mysteries are specifically designed to not require very much in the way of supplies. All you really need is:

  • a table to sit around (or a large playing area where the guests can sit in a circle)
  • a group of players (minimum 8 people)
  • a printed copy of this booklet
  • a pair of scissors (to cut out nametag placards for each character)
  • pencils or pens for each player


  • Scratch paper (for players to take notes on)
  • Folders (to help players conceal their character sheets)

If you wish to do so, you may also choose to provide prizes for the winner or winners (any players who accurately identify the culprit). Some suggested prizes might include candy, bath and body products, homemade treats or any other small, inexpensive gift item; remember that it is possible for multiple players to win, so if you choose to offer prizes, make sure you have enough on hand!

Expanded Game For Large Groups

If you have more than 8 players, there are three ways that you can accommodate everyone:

  • Investigator Role - Using this method, eight guests play the primary characters while the remainder of the guests each play the Investigator role. Players in this role are not suspects and do not have character backgrounds but can question the suspects and try to solve the mystery along with the other players.
  • Teams - Each primary character can be played by 2 or more people that work together as a team. This works well if you've invited several couples to your event, but also works if you break up your guests into eight larger teams of 3 or more guests.
  • Multiple Groups - If you have 16 or more guests, you can break them up into groups of 8 players and run multiple instances of the game on their own. This method is best for large events (e.g. fundraisers) where each table of people can play through the game independently. This method goes well with the Investigator method, which allows you the flexibility to add more than 8 people to any group.

You can choose whether you'd like the Standard or Expanded version of a game when you add it to your cart.

What's Included

There Might Be No Christmas is a 26-page downloadable PDF file that you print at home. It includes the following features:

  • An introduction that explains the basic principles of running a 30-Minute Mystery
  • A detailed party guidebook that will walk you through the event in a simple, easy-to-understand format
  • Nametags and character sheets for each player - the character sheets include special goals and information unique to each character
  • Step-by-step printing instructions
  • And much more!
Awesome Reading Party
By on at 02:59 PM (GMT)
  • As an end of the semester award, grades K-5 students who consistently met reading goals were invited to participate in this Christmas mystery. High school drama students led the action with fantastic costumes and much personality. A mystery show is all in what you can make it. Improv is a must, and these kids had it down. The large group was broken into detective teams of 8. They worked together to solve the mystery. We also danced to and sang Christmas songs in between each round.

  • The students decorated over 200 Christmas cookies! (from the ovens of Mrs. Claus)
  • We used little decoration, other than a projector and screen with the "evidence" and other decorative slides. But fun, zany costumes helped set the tone.
There Might Be No Christmas
By on at 04:23 PM (GMT)
  • Our family loves to play games. Every Christmas we look for something new. When we came across this game, we just new we had to try it. As soon as we had the "script' in our hands we knew this would be perfect for our family. There was a character for everyone. We played the game in pairs because we have some people who are a little bit shy and may not feel comfortable role playing. We picked the teams and put together people who otherwise would not pair up. This worked out perfectly. Some people jumped right into their roles. Others took a little longer to warm up. By the end of the game everyone was into their role. We had some really good laughs. The only issue was that the mystery was to easy to solve. Everyone guessed the right answer. It was still a lot of fun. We are already planning to do another party. Everyone wants to be a part of it. For this particular game, nobody knew about the mystery until they came to our Christmas party. For our next game we are going to give everyone their roles ahead of time so that we can all be in character at the start of our party. We can't wait.
Offcie Christmas Party 2016
By on at 09:44 PM (GMT)
  • Our office was in charge of the Building Christmas Party this year and we performed this mystery in a play style to our audience. Each character put their own spin on their performance. We had someone play the inspector who was Lt. Columbo. Everyone enjoyed it. I did a lot of work rewriting it in a form that had to come off without a hitch.
Not Exactly a Griswold Family Christmas
By on at 11:54 PM (GMT)
  • At my in-laws Christmas celebration we had 10 adults and 17 kids (under the age of 12). I purchased "There Might Be No Christmas" upon finding out that there weren't really any planned activities for the day. It was really easy to run and coordinate the activity. However, like any "mystery" game the participants need to be focused and engaged in the game to really have it go well. As a result I felt the game fell a little flat at different moments. Best part of the game were the extremely varied characters/personalities that guests get to act out. I read the script prior to the party which I really recommend if you want to get the most out of the experience. Though I didn't get to participate as an investigator or character it allowed me to assign roles better and keep the game moving when/if people were struggling. If you have expectations of Clark W Griswold for this event you'll likely be disappointed. However, its a better gift/treat than the "jelly of the month club".
  • Typical Christmas fare; but lots of crock pot dishes which kept food good and warm all day.
  • Having a couple of props (Christmas wearables) really helped people get into character.
holiday get together
By on at 09:45 PM (GMT)
  • family get together with all ages (12-72), used "costumes" from party city (antlers, santa hats, tie for foreman, etc) to help get everyone acting/ sounding their parts. I participated myself so it was fun but I was surprised that the "who dunn it" person knows right off the bat and has to conceal that the entire game. Not sure if one of the younger kids would have been able to keep the secret - glad it worked out in our group. We are planning on doing another one but want to make sure this time its a Murder mystery as this one was just a Christmas thief mystery:))
Teen Christmas party
By on at 12:32 AM (GMT)
  • I work with kids at a residential treatment facility, we did this for Christmas break and they absolutely loved it!! They loved the goofy characters, and each broke into an accent/ attitude to match their character!
  • Christmas cookies, candy and sweets galore!
  • Sat around the Christmas tree, played "santa's workshop" music.
Family Fun playing "there might be no Christmas"
By on at 04:46 AM (GMT)
  • Our family of 9 get together on Christmas Eve for fingers foods and a pajama party. Family consists of grandmother, adult married children with spouses and children aged 10 to 22. I was host and family members were characters. I had minimal props and costumes, most items I found at home. Kids helped make some costumes ahead of time which peaked their excitement. Costumes mainly consisted of funny hats or headbands, etc. since game is played sitting around table. I presented each person with a folder containing character sheet and pen for taking notes. Folder helps keep notes and character sheet hidden from others. Very easy preparation for game, easy to understand for all ages and a lot of fun. Would definately do this again!
There Might Be No Christmas
By on at 12:20 PM (GMT)
  • This was our family way of celebrating Christmas without having to exchange gifts. Everyone had a great time. Only a few people guest the thief.
  • Our menu did not match the theme of the party but was still festive!
  • The costumes that the guests created were amazing. They went way over the top.
there might be no Christmas
By on at 01:46 AM (GMT)
  • I was having some friends over for our annual Christmas gathering of "framily" and I thought I would add a little game to the mix. We normally play games after dinner but this way it started out as a game and we were able to stay in character. I found this just a few days before our dinner and ask everyone how they would feel about it and they all seemed excited. One thing led to another, after I sent out the character sheets we decided to dress come as our character. A couple of our friends couldn't make it till late so they didn't dress in character but they at least played the game with us when they got here. It was so much fun! From the singing Christmas tree entering my house in song to Donner donning a reindeer hat we laughed all night. They were remnants of the Christmas tree decorations my friend was wearing all over the house. It was a fun game and easy game and great for eight people. It would've been better had we have had nine or 10 because Santa is character needed to be read but I was the hostess so I read his part. We took our characters went by script and went off script and had a ball! Highly recommend it !!
There Might Be No Christmas!
By on at 04:23 AM (GMT)
  • Santa summoned everyone from the North Pole to solve where all the missing toys went ... all had reason to be under suspicion ... thank goodness it didn't take long and we are able to share "Merry Christmas " to all and to all a good night!
  • Chrstmas brunch with some bubbly, quiches, waffles, fruit salad and cookies were enjoyed at the North Pole.
  • Dinner the lazy reindeer had his ears on, Ernest the elf wore his hat to show off his elf ears, Tona the singing Christmas Tree wore her tree with a star and sang to everyone, Mrs Claus had her cape and mittens on, Kristina Kringle was dressed as a fairy with purple hair and a tutu, Jacky Frost couldn't be missed, others shared accessories to bring their character to life.
Christmas Birthday Mystery Dinner
By on at 01:44 AM (GMT)
  • We were celebrating my birthday and instead of just going out to a restaurant, I thought a mystery dinner party would be fun. I spiced the storyline up a bit by having Mrs. Claus have an affair with Ivan. I also gave Ivan a gold digging wife. Everyone was nervous about taking on their roles and didn't know what to expect, but everyone had a blast. I gave out the roles a few days in advance, so people could get into character. Tonya Baum was dressed perfectly as a tree and brought her own microphone and serenaded us all night. Ivan decided he was Russian and wore a blonde wig and Russian hat. Tons of fun!
  • We had MANY appetizers, spiked eggnog, coquito, lasagna, meatballs, & birthday cake.
  • Eggnog and seasonal drinks were great. Also did peppermint Jell-O shots with bits of candy cane on top.
Christmas Party
By on at 10:39 PM (GMT)
  • This was a great ice breaker for an adult Christmas party. It was quick and easy to facilitate and only a few people guessed the right culprit.
    It would have been nice to have a few more characters, as the investigators don't do as much as the rest.
    I would definitely recommend There Might be No Christmas and look forward to trying another party soon.
Thank goodness, our Troop found the presents!
By on at 06:38 PM (GMT)
  • It was our Girl Scouts Christmas party and we were finishing off our Detective Badge. It was a little rocky at first, getting 9-10yr old girls to sit down and listen to each read clues. But once we went to our first "crime scene" they were all in and taking notes on who the culprit may be! They loved dressing up in costumes and had a blast reading as if they really were their characters. Thrilled, and I will be back for another mystery in the future!
    It took about 30min from start to finish, the perfect amount of time since we had lots of other party games planned. The girls LOVED it and requested we do it again soon. I have to agree, it was an absolute blast!
  • We used a lot of items we had between myself and the other troop leader. We picked up a few things at the dollar store and craft store too! We set up the "crime scenes" for the girls to investigate as well. Each girl received a small notebook with a pen to write down clues!
Entertaining and Unique!
By on at 08:31 PM (GMT)
  • My friend and I planned this party as a unique Christmas party experience for our last year of High School! We invited 16 people to the party so we had to add extra characters (unfortunately, only 7 guests decided to RSVP and go) -- but despite this is was still amazing and fun! You really don't nehaed a whole lot of people to make this party entertaining. Only one guest correctly chose the theif.. We gave out plants as awards to the best costume/best actor/and best detective. It was our first murder party and we are already thinking about the next one!
  • We wanted our party to be kind of classy to fit the Christmas at the Northpole. So we made cheese/chocolate fondue, pigs in a blanket, meatballs, fruit/veg trays, and a variety of cupcakes/brownies/cookies ! We also made red punch and set up a little Hot coco station for any guest who wanted a warm beverage.
  • We didn't have to decorate since our house was already decorated for the Holidays. We played Christmas music in the background and we utilized some decorations to hide the clues/props (we added some extra clues since we were worried the party would go too fast with only 7 people attending) for example- we put a clue inside the Nutcracker's mouth.
    One of the characters we created when we orginally thought there was going to be 18 people was the Northpole Postal Worker- that guest actually went all out and looked like a mail man! Another guest dressed like a Peppermint Princess (another add-on) and our Jacky Frost dressed in blue hues and attached snow to her cute boots!
By on at 04:09 PM (GMT)
  • This was a water garden society Christmas party. The party was great. Lots of food and entertainment from this Mini-Mystery was greatly received. Our 8 contestants were dressed for the part and ad-libed along the way. Our Krampus was the best character of all.
  • Our dinner consisted of pot luck with chicken 'n dumplings as the main course.
  • The only decorations or props we used were hats for each of the individual characters.
Work party
By on at 11:40 PM (GMT)
  • Played this game in two different groups at a work party. Both groups were the same size and finished within 5 minutes of each other. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the interactions and role play. We taped "Crime Scene" tape over office doors to keep everyone out of their office and interacting with co-workers throughout the party. Worked right into the theme of Christmas party.
There Might Not Be Christmas
By on at 03:57 PM (GMT)
  • We are a group in our 60's that has been getting together every Christmas since our 20's. We played the game after dinner and then had dessert following the game. We had a blast! We had simple props and everyone got into the roles. Most of the group of 14 did not know about the game ahead of time so the surprise added to the fun. Thanks
There might be no Christmas
By on at 08:11 PM (GMT)
  • It was a great party and everone thoroughly enjoyed it!
There Might Be No Christmas
By on at 06:38 PM (GMT)
  • Last Christmas we did this mystery with our family. There were 16 of us so we paired two people for every character. It was a hoot!!! WE had a blast with it. Our 43 year old son was the singing Christmas tree & he sang all his answers. Too funny. I went to the Dollar Store & bought character items for each person. Cheap and easy. I highly recommended it. After it was over, I had the guilty one go find Santa's bag which had a gift for everyone in it.
Christmas dinner
By on at 01:14 AM (GMT)
  • We have never done anything like this before and thought we would give it a shot. We had to work out a few kinks as we were all part of the cast/characters. But we managed and we had a good time, laughed at our blunders and finally in the end figured out the who dun it. It was fun and think we will do it again next year. Maybe with a little more advanced planning.
By on at 05:40 AM (GMT)
  • So much fun. There was 12 of us and we did it in 3 parts with food courses in between the parts. Since the script was for 8 people I added 4 more characters. I as Host played Santa and interrogated the cast of party goers. My Husband was the Sheriff with his official shirt and badges and hand cuffs. His name was Sheriff Gogetum. One of the extras was a news reporter for the North Pole paper and her name was Wanna Story. The last person was the photographer for the news paper and he wore cameras around his neck and was a good investigator. His name was Smiley Snapit. The occasion for the party was that it is Christmas time. Every one had a wonderful time. The costumes were awsome and everyone really go into their part.
  • Cocktails and finger foods started off the evening followed by shrimp cocktail and cheese stick. Then the main course was lasagna, green salad and garlic bread. We finished the evening with ice cream cake and coffee.
  • Stuffed Mr and Mrs Santa sat in the front yard with a huge sign that announced out home as Santa's toy factory. The house was decorated beautifully for Christmas with the introduction of toys all around. As some of the guests were strangers to each other I provided name laminated name tags for each guest. The costumes were unbelievably good. a true elf and a great singing Christmas tree with ornaments that played Christmas music.
Population Care Management tea,
By on at 05:13 PM (GMT)
  • This was the best hoiday party our depatment has had so far. the staff loved the story line and the characters were a hoot. we all dressed our part and made it very fun. There were just a couple of lines that we had figure out, because they didnt go with the character part, but we improvised. We had this at a off site restaurannt and the accomodations made it fun.We had 30 people in total and after all the great acting only one person picked the right person. Thanksch a great story line.
  • We had a wonderful menu that had several choices for everyone. Have at a restuarant that people like the food. That works well.
  • As I said earlier, all the charters had costumes and we totally into their characer. Unfortanately, no one took pics. But this worked out well fo all of us.
Mystery Night at West Valley Music and Drama
By on at 07:15 AM (GMT)
  • I have got to tell you, my little group of people got together Monday night and we had more fun than I can remember in awhile. We have started a small community group with the intention of bringing theater to our small community and I introduced this to them as an idea for a type of workshop that we might provide. Sort of a Reader's Theater. There were exactly 8 people present (including my 8 year old GrandDaughter playing the part of Tonya Baum). The group was loose and played a long fabulously reading the lines in character. Everyone laughed and everyone had a great time. Thanks very much. I am sure that I will be reaching out to PWM again very soon.
  • Coffee and hot chocolate
  • Started with my young Grandaughter
    She was the singing Christmas Tree...
    All of the adults had a great time. Everyone did their best to take on the charecters....

There Might Be No Christmas
By on at 01:01 PM (GMT)
  • This was a work group breakfast Christmas Party. We met for 2 hours, exchanged Secret Santa gifts and ate delicious food.
    The game was a quick fun ice breaker. The guilty party kept the secret until the end.
    Thanks for the quick version of a mystery party.
We decked the Hall with laughter
By on at 08:48 PM (GMT)
  • Our church's ladies guild has a party for members in December. Everyone was thrilled with the play. My husband -who becomes Santa for schools and non-profits in December was our host. We didn't practice or study lines. We were told our characters before hand in order to find a hat or something to become our character. It made it easier for the audience. The more mistakes made for more laughter, for both characters and audience.
  • Everyone brought either a soup, a bread or dessert. Kept it simple to alleviate any stress.
  • With just caps or headpieces and taking on the accents of our characters was more that enough for the theme.
Fun and a good ice breaker
By on at 12:03 AM (GMT)
  • I did this party with 13 year old girls and boys. It took appx. a 1/2 hour. It was fun and it was nice to have something to break the ice and get everyone interacting. At every party there they come in so quiet and awkward so this was great. Most of the kids figured out who the thief was and they had a great time. I would purchase this type of product again. It was well worth the money.
It was great
By on at 09:08 AM (GMT)
  • Guests particularly appreciated the fact that it was short and simple, and that no-one died!

    I played as Santa, which required changing the speeches to the first person, but was easy enough
Memorable family party
By on at 06:06 AM (GMT)
  • We played the game, There Might Be No Christmas with another family. It was the activity for our daughter's 15th b-day party and being so close to Christmas, we were able to use the Christmas mystery. There were 4 adults and 4 girls aged 11 - 15 years. The instructions were very clear and I was glad for the spoiler alerts; as hostess, I did want to also play the game so I was very thankful for the alerts.

    I was quite surprised to see how involved the dads were...they completely got into character! We ended our evening with a mystery gift game.

    Being able to enjoy an activity with our kids was especially memorable. We are a family that likes to invlove our kids and I truly appreciated the family appropriate story line. We will DEFINATLEY be ordering more Mystery kits from your company.
  • We started our evening with a Mystery Appetizer Menu, where guests had to select based on mystery descriptions and then we enjoyed the Mystery story.
  • We had costume props for each character which made it more fun (a top hat and scarf for Jacky Frost, Christmas apron and glasses for Caroline Claus, garland and a bird ornamemt for Tonya Baum, and so forth). It really added to the fun.
Fun time for group of elderly people
By on at 05:42 PM (GMT)
  • I used it for a group of elderly people and it went very well. I just wish the response section was a little more clear. It seemed like we had to go back over everyone's sheet to make sure everyone had responded and said what they were supposed to. It was fun and I would do it again. I am planning on getting another one to do with a group of friends in the near future.
Good cap to the end of the school year
By on at 07:15 PM (GMT)
  • I just finished doing the mystery with my 8th graders on Tuesday. They loved it, and had a really good time listening to all the quirks of every character.
ECCC Christmas Party 2013
By on at 08:47 PM (GMT)

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