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Murder at the Nir Cantina

Add intrigue to your next party with this murder mystery game, set at a space station's pub.
Format: Mystery Party Kit
Setting: Deep space outpost & tavern
Players: 12-15 (Standard Game)
16-100+ (Expanded Game)
Time: 90+ minutes
Ages: Adult
Space travelers discover a killer in their midst...


The Nir Cantina on Federal Station Nine in the Axilon Nebula attracts a diverse crowd of space travelers, including mercenaries, traders, diplomats, scientists, and smugglers. While most of these folks want nothing more than to have a quick drink and a meal on their way from one end of the galaxy to the other, at least one of them has a more sinister purpose in mind. It will take the guests and employees of the Nir Cantina all of their wits and skills to piece together the confounding clues and determine the identity of the killer in their midst!

A Patron Goes Missing

This mystery is divided into two primary segments. During the first portion of the evening, Act One, the guests will arrive at the Nir Cantina and have a chance to eat, drink, and mingle with one another. Each of the guests has certain personal goals (unrelated to the overall mystery) that they are attempting to achieve, and Act One gives them an opportunity to meet these goals. During the course of the evening, there are minor intermittent power failures that plunge the Cantina into darkness. These blackouts are probably the result of minor asteroid impacts; the Cantina owner assures everyone that there is no cause for alarm. During one of these blackouts, patron Millian Pardulo, an alien scientist, goes missing.


Act Two will commence with the discovery of Millian Pardulo, dead in the Cantina's bathroom. Pardulo's throat has been cut and cauterized, probably by a laser sword or knife; there is no blood. Near him is a small bag containing trace amounts of Stress, an illegal, highly addictive stimulant. It looks as though Pardulo was killed for his drugs.

Justice and Profit

Nir Deware responds to this discovery by sealing the Cantinas airlocks and informing the guests that there is a Fed-Terra Peacekeeping Envoy scheduled to dock at Outpost Nine in a few hours and that the best course of action will be to simply wait for them to show up and sort things out. However, when one of the other guests points out that there is a substantial bounty being offered for bringing in confirmed murderers, everyone's mind turns to profit; if the killer can be identified before the arrival of the Envoy, the guests can claim the bounty for themselves!

Solving the Mystery

The rest of the evening is then devoted to locating clues, piecing together evidence, and trying to figure out who killed Pardulo.


There are 15 primary suspects in this mystery, however only 12 are required to play the game. Read the "How To Play" section for more information on how to play an expanded game with more than 15 guests.

Male Roles

  • Jaseph Kalovich, Station Mechanic, Nir Cantina: Jaseph is the second mechanic at the Nir Cantina, working side by side with Fedor Mas. Jaseph is a working-class man who dreams of a better life. Race: Human
  • Captain Sebastian Malachai, Captain of the Sisyphus: Sebastian Malachai is the captain of the Fed-Terra trading vessel, the Sisyphus. He is an upstanding Fed-Terra citizen and a reputable businessman who makes his living transporting cargo. Race: Human

Female Roles

  • Onna, Serving Girl at the Nir Cantina: Onna is the primary server at the Nir Cantina. Once a petty smuggler, Onna has turned over a new leaf here on Federal Outpost Nine. Race: Human from Terra-4
  • Erin Schale, First Mate of the Sisyphus: Erin Schale is first mate of the Fed-Terra trading vessel, the Sisyphus, serving under Captain Sebastian Malachai. Professional, precise, and talented, Erin helps the captain operate his small but highly profitable business. Race: Human

Male or Female Roles

  • Nir Deware, Owner and Proprietor of the Nir Cantina: (Played by the Host/Hostess) Owner and sole proprietor of the Nir Cantina, Deware is an ex-adventurer with a cheerful disposition and a willingness to do business with anyone. Race: Human
  • Fedor Mas, Station Mechanic, Nir Cantina: Fedor is one of two highly skilled mechanics at the Nir Cantina. Fedor is a Divek, a feline humanoid from the jungle planet Divekan Zed. While highly competent, his somewhat arrogant demeanor makes it difficult for him to relate to others. Race: Divek
  • Caleb LaVorn, Short Order Cook, Nir Cantina: A highly skilled chef whose talents are undoubtedly being wasted in the Cantina, Caleb rules the kitchen with an iron hand and an eye towards detail. Race: Human
  • Galen, Crew Member of the Sisyphus: Galen is a highly advanced android who performs numerous tasks aboard the Sisyphus under Captain Malachai. Galen's mechanical body is capable of prodigious feats of strength, and the android's quadrilium alloy frame is all but indestructible. Race: Android
  • Arian Zapho, Diplomatic Envoy: Arian Zapho is a minor diplomatic envoy from Calypsis, en route to the Fed-Terra Galactic Embassy. Arian has arranged for transport aboard the Sisyphus and is at the Cantina to rendezvous with Captain Malachai. Race: Calypsian
  • Ryle Kan, Bodyguard: Ryle Kan is a professional bodyguard and occasional mercenary. Ryle makes a living by ensuring the safety of important intergalactic travelers through dangerous territory. Race: Divek
  • Mak, Infamous Smuggler: Mak is one of the most successful smugglers in the galaxy, eagerly sought after both by prospective clients and by Fed-Terra agents. Despite Mak's status as a wanted criminal, the smuggler rarely bothers to keep a low profile, instead trusting luck, cunning, and charisma to avoid capture. Race: Human
  • Macerak Sh'irr, Bounty Hunter: A short-tempered, greedy brawler, Macerak Sh'irr is a bounty hunter who delivers smugglers, space pirates, and escaped criminals to the Fed-Terra authorities. Race: Daculian
  • Millian Pardulo, Research Scientist: Millian Pardulo is an alien scientist dedicated to the discovery and synthesis of sustainable, inexpensive energy drives for starships. Millian's work promises to usher in a glowing age of cheap, efficient interstellar travel. Race: Shivan
  • B9XL "Bean," Scientific Assistant Droid: B9XL, nicknamed "Bean," serves as the primary research assistant for the scientist Millian Pardulo. Bean comes preprogrammed with an extremely happy artificial personality. Race: Robot
  • Canthalus, Mercenary: Canthalus is a mercenary, bodyguard, and soldier-for-hire, working out of the Axilon Nebula. Canthalus has a reputation for being even-tempered and reasonably pleasant, as long as no one crosses him/her. Race: Calypsian

Extra Players

  • Investigator (male or female): Additional players have the option of playing the role of "Investigators". In this role the players are not suspects and do not have character backgrounds but can question the suspects and try to solve the mystery along with the other players.
How to Play

Follow these steps to host this mystery:

  1. Each guest will each assume the role of a particular character
    Mystery Parties involve a combination of improvisational acting, storytelling, and creative problem solving. Each guest will play the part of that character throughout the course of the game. Each character has specific personality traits, goals, secrets, and information, all of which are included in the character sheet; a big part of the fun is getting into character and taking on a new, exciting role.

  2. A mysterious Event will occur
    At some point during the party, an Event will occur that will force the players to come together in order to solve a problem or unravel a mystery. Traditionally, the Event in question will be the murder of one of the characters (as played by a guest), but the parties crafted by Playing With Murder often use this basic framework to accommodate different types of Events, thereby ensuring that your guests will be surprised and entertained (even if they are veteran murder mystery party players).

  3. Solve the mystery!
    Your guests will need to use the information that their characters know (as well as additional clues that are provided during the game) to solve the mystery or overcome the problem posed by the Event. Typically this culminates in the guests voting on the identity of the murderer, but again, different parties will have different specific goals. All of our parties also come complete with additional subgames (treasure hunts, unique character goals and special puzzles) that are guaranteed to keep the action intense and your guests motivated and focused.

Expanded Game For Large Groups

If you have extra players, there are two ways that you can accommodate everyone:

  • Investigator Role - Additional players have the option of playing the role of "Investigators". In this role the players are not suspects and do not have character backgrounds but can question the suspects and try to solve the mystery along with the other players. Expanded Games include a PDF guide that explains how to use the Investigator role, as well as printable character sheets and name tags for anyone that is playing an Investigator.
  • Multiple Groups - It is also possible to break your guests up into groups and play multiple instances of the game at the same time. The game will more or less happen the same way; the host makes announcements and each group moves their game forward simultaneously based on the host's instructions. It's good to have one assistant in each group to answer questions and facilitate gameplay within the group. This method provides a more intimate experience for your guests, who get better acquainted with a smaller group and participate in a more digestible story.

    Please contact us if you'd like more information about how to run your party using the Multiple Groups method.

You can choose whether you'd like the Standard or Expanded version of a game when you add it to your cart.

Read more about Expanded Games here

First time hosting a murder mystery party?

Visit our How to Host a Mystery Party page to get step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for your murder mystery party.

What's Included

Murder at the Nir Cantina is a 125-page downloadable PDF file that you print at home. It includes the following features:

  • An introduction that explains the basic principles of running a mystery-party and provides specific tips on props, menu items, sound effects and special tips to help make your party exciting, memorable and easy to run
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for your party
  • A detailed party guidebook that will walk you through the event in a simple, easy-to-understand format
  • Instructions on how to run the party for a large group
  • Nametags and character sheets for each player - the character sheets include tips on costuming and role-playing, as well special goals and information unique to each character
  • Fully customizable invitations, complete with RSVP cards and guest lists
  • 18 pages of full color props and clues, including customizable menus for the Cantina and currency for each of your guests
  • Voting sheets
  • Customizable awards for your guests
  • And much more!

With your purchase of Murder at the Nir Cantina you will also receive the following:

  • Step-by-step printing instructions
  • Four mp3 audio effects for use with your party
  • Instructions on how to use these audio clips to best effect

Playing With Murder offers several audio files for use with each of our Mystery Party Kits. The audio clip below provides a sample montage of the sound effects included with Murder at the Nir Cantina.

Play audio sample:


Alternative content

Nir Cantina 35th Birthday
By on at 10:51 PM (GMT)
  • This was a great fact pattern. I did have to customize the character sheets for gender pronouns and to make sure that everyone's goals were equally achievable. I also had fun making "real" objects for the clues. The sound effects are a bit quiet so I had trouble switching to them from the party music. It would help to have someone assist in turning lights off and activating sound effects. All in all, a great time. I will use this site again!
  • Pulsar pork sliders
    Caprican caprese sliders
    Meteoroid meatballs
    Quasar quesadillas
    Cosmic cupcakes
    Venusian veggies
    Shivan Charcuterie
    Galilean cheese
    Lunar libations
  • I got a neon menu board for display, set up our dining room table as a large bar. We also found spaceship door hangings.
  • Watch my video
Nir Cantina!
By on at 01:03 AM (GMT)
  • Hosted a 15 person party to celebrate friendship and fun! It was a complete success! I hosted in my house and hung drapes to create a two room "space ship" which is where the dinner took place. I started planning about 5 weeks in advance which was perfect! The only challenge was getting folks to commit and follow through with attendance, in the end it all worked but I did have some day-of cancellations (I was able to switch one persons role from a non-essential to an essential).

    Overall: I think this might have been because of the group of 15 most only knew 2-3 others, so there was a lot of mingling that might happen at an ordinary dinner party. While the party packet is very thorough and provides all the information one might need, I do think folks struggled a little to remember a lot of information that (because it's space/sci-fi themed) is not super intuitive. Nevertheless, everyone had a great time!
  • Mac and cheese balls, mini-cupcakes, "spudniks" (baked potatoes covered in tin foil), and some other snacks, mostly I was going for sphere-shaped foods.
  • I covered all the windows with black garbage bags and taped up stars to make it look like outer space. I also replaced all the lightbulbs with violet lightbulbs/ flickering blue lights which created an eery, fun vibe!

    Costumes were also a lot of fun! Some folks dressed a little more casually, others went all out-- it was a lot of fun!

    Also, played various versions of Space Oddity on repeat most of the night =)
By on at 09:09 AM (GMT)
  • It was great event! People got extremely into it and it was great for all types of people -not just Star Wars fans. Happy to try another type definitely
Murder at the Nir Cantina
By on at 10:50 PM (GMT)
  • We hosted this party as a church youth group event, and it was a big hit. A bunch of teens gathered early to turn the church hall into a futuristic cantina, using lots of lights and LED balloons and even a few black light areas (bulbs were cheap right after halloween). We tried a dry ice center piece but it didn't work super well and wasn't worth the extra money and effort. The game itself was easy to understand and the teens got into it - and those that hadn't put much effort ahead of time into costumes etc. regretted it, and determined to do a better job the next time. The mechanics of the game worked well and were very clear. it was a lot of effort to host but definitely worth it!
  • We picked up a bunch of quick-heat appetizers from costco and then just gave them spacey names, see the menu in the picture
  • I visited the local asian market for some really cool beverage containers and snacks, and used them as props.
outside space cantina
By on at 03:39 PM (GMT)
  • We hosted the party as a fun summer get together with our friends. Since the weather was so nice we were able to host the party outside. This was the second murder mystery we hosted since we had so much fun with the first. This party went so well that the "murderer" got away with it. We had so much figuring out the costumes for our characters. I wish I had taken more photos since everyone really looked like they belonged in an outer space cantina. Our guests had so much fun they asked if we could host another.
  • Since this was Murder at the Cantina we had the Cantina song from Star Wars on loop when the guests were arriving.
Nir Cantina
By on at 06:15 AM (GMT)
Murder at Nir Cantina
By on at 06:04 AM (GMT)
  • My boyfriend likes Star Wars and always wanted to try a murder mystery party, so murder in nir cantina was perfect for everyone! The world and character stories were incredibly detailed. I loved that there were about seven different types of creatures at the party. Some people were intimidated by how much knowledge they needed to know to play their character and achieve the character's goals during the party. But others, including my boyfriend, got really excited by all of the details and dove right in. For the game makers, I would recommend making the printable PDF handheld friendly, because not everyone will remember all that they need to accomplish during party and will need to carry around a reminder. It would be great if each characters goals/points list was able to be printed and fit on one large index card with check off boxes next to each item, instead of 2-3 pages, which can be difficult for hiding information. Guests will need to check off the goals that they accomplish during the party and keep track of how many points they have, give every guest a pencil. Future customer, Always get the version for 15-200+ people. It just gives you extra materials for the same price. People went all out with their costumes and did not disappoint! We decorated a week before the party and the house looked amazing! I would recommend getting a very loud sound system for the audio clips ( because having 15+ people in the same space gets very loud ) and have an helper shut off the lights during the cantina's "power failures." It seems more authentic when the host isn't flicking on and off the lights to simulate that. Wait til everyone stops talking to start the audio clip. In this party there is an act one, and intermission, and then act two. Since the characters have to purchase the food at your party with their alien money, some characters may not be able to get all the food that they want depending on the prices you set. To get rid of excess food, the intermission is a great time to announce that since you're taking a break from your characters that no one has to pay for food for the next five minutes. Lol! This created a free for all! And while everyone is getting food it gives the host time to give out act two cards and get ready for act two prompts. The party was a huge success and everyone had a great time, I would highly recommend this intergalactic fun to anyone who loves space, aliens, or Science fiction of any sort!
  • -"We come in Peace" Jell-O shots: green jello with a candy eye on top, Tippy Cow mint shots poured into Jello.
    -Rocket Fuel: blue alchoholic cocktail
    -Beam me up Scotchie drink
    -Cosmos-politan, Martian-tini drinks
  • The atmosphere was truly intergalactic. We purchased a 30 foot plastic space background and push pinned it to the ceiling having it draped over the walls. We found many other space station themed door covers and window plastic banners. We also used a silver foil table skirt and push pinned it to the ceiling to create the roof of the Cantina above the kitchen. We found a glowing balloons that we push pin to the ceiling to simulate planets orbiting above our heads. We found rotating disco lightbulbs, screw them into the lamps so that lights swirled on the ceilings.
    We did all of the invites on Facebook and the guests came in face paint, metal contraptions affixed to different parts of their bodies and costumes of cosplay quality.
Best Friends Reunion Ever, Murder Included!
By on at 12:05 AM (GMT)
  • A few years after graduating, a number of my high school friends and I had gone on mission trips to foreign countries, been married, and gone off to college all over the US. We were finally all back together in our hometown this last New Year's, and for New Year's Eve we decided to throw the murder mystery party. It was a total blast! I planned for us to spend 90 minutes on it, but everybody was having so much fun that I let it continue and we got up to about two and a half hours. Not that it needs to be that long; the great thing about being the host is that you can decide how the story moves along depending on your group's desires. Everybody gave great feedback, and it's definitely one I would recommend! One thing that everybody seemed to enjoy was turning the clue hunt into an easter egg hunt. I prepared 20 easter eggs, five with clues, five with extra points, and 10 with extra money (game money). That made the clue-finding more fun!
  • I found some awesome star wars themed menu items online. On my menu, I also included one particularly good item that was described as follows: "Even Luke Skywalker couldn't say 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' to our sweet and sour meatballs!"
  • Part one, any music that had to do with bars (Piano Man, the theme from Cheers, etc.).
    Part two, any music that has to do with killing (Heathens, Cool Kids, etc.).
Murder at the LAMP Cantina
By on at 11:35 PM (GMT)
  • This party was amazing! I've played many murder mysteries before from other companies, but this was the best! We did this for my roommates' birthday parties and they all loved it. It had the perfect balance of campy comedy and high stakes danger. The amount of freedom in crafting relationships makes it so fun for a bunch of theatre people. I would totally recommend!
  • Space cake (we covered our cake in purple lights)
  • We had black tule put up all around our apartment and put glowing balloons under it to make it look like a galaxy.
Welcome Session at Florida Poly
By on at 03:10 PM (GMT)
  • Hosted an event where incoming freshmen could meet upper-classmen. 90 People showed up and I split them into 4 groups each playing Murder at the Nir Cantina. Everyone had a great time, laughing the entire way.
So much fun!
By on at 12:49 AM (GMT)
  • This is the third murder mystery event I've hosted and the best by far! The game mechanics improve on a lot of failings present in other mystery kits and the personal goals do a great job of giving every one something to do and talk about. Every one had fun and felt included -- even those who had never played a murder mystery before.
  • Blacklight-reactive drinks are a must
The party ended up being a lot of fun
By on at 09:26 AM (GMT)
  • Everyone seemed to have a great time, and everyone did a great job with their costumes. The killer ended up getting away with it in the end...

    We made a few subtle changes to the setup; specifically, we didn't use the cards, but instead made or typed up each clue as a special item. People found all of the clues, and came to the same conclusions, but our killer did a great job framing a few other people. She was really clever.

    All in all, it was a great night, and everyone had a really good time. Thanks for the party!
  • We decided to turn my friend's living room into a bar and restaurant (he and I co-hosted, and played as Nir and Mur Deware; we simply doubled the host character). We bought a funky looking alarm clock to use as our pulse generator, used some incense inside pill capsules for our stress, typed up the article, and bought a cheap glow-in-the-dark toy knife for our murder weapon.
  • We set up a menu with basic burgers and fries (plus some desserts) and made a decently-stocked bar.
We did have lots of fun with the Nir Cantina party
By on at 08:45 AM (GMT)
  • At our church we organized our third murder mystery dinner this year. Our friend agreed to appear as Captain Nat Avery in a series of videos that would be played during the event to give the guests instructions and keep the plot moving forward. [One of the videos included in this review]

    There are more photos here

    Thank you to everyone who was involved!
  • Behind the Captain is an image of the interior of one room from the USS Cod here in Cleveland. I found oscilloscope stock footage on Pond5 to represent our computer voice. I also re-purposed a model Star Trek ship and dangled it on wires in front of a green screen to achieve a low budget effect. We then added some photos and videos of the event taking place in between the videos that the guests saw that day.
  • Watch my video
Absolutely loved putting on this murder mystery
By on at 11:31 PM (GMT)
  • I absolutely loved putting on this Murder Mystery! I was also fortunate to have friends who, though they do not all share my enjoyment of science fiction, jumped right into their characters.

    I wanted to let people mingle and complete their tasks, but not having everyone in one space for the meal posed some problems. I think it made it harder on Onna to keep track of money. I didn't think about having a till for cash deposits either. I also was too busy making sure everyone got their food in a timely manner so I had a hard time getting completely into character of Nir so when players came up to accomplish tasks, I was sort of thrown off. Were I do to this over, I would have more tables or a sit down all at once atmosphere. Then I could execute my goals as well rather than being just hostess. But I love being a hostess so I was happy to be busy doing that.

    More people than I thought accomplished their tasks. Our killer did a great job of deflecting suspicion. The murderer even rather successfully framed another character to be the killer as that character was one of the accused in our three-way tie for who the killer was.

    In talking to my guests later that evening, the highest praise I received was my character assignment and matching the right person for each role. I think this is something that hosts should think about when planning - particularly when your theme (sci-fi) is not a popular one amongst your guests. My guests couldn't stop talking about the evening for a few weeks after. I was a proud hostess and glad they had a blast. I would not hesitate to have another murder mystery party!
  • I served mexican food. I felt like I was running a real cantina.
  • I did this in my house using the kitchen, living room, and deck. I made one menu board, sent Onna out to take orders, and then people had to put their own condiments on at the condiments bar.
overall reviews from my guests were good
By on at 06:22 PM (GMT)
  • The party went really well, and the overall reviews from my guests were good. The previous parties we've done have been slightly different, and the changes in this party were largely good and well received. There were a few things that people had suggestions on as well, which I have included below.

    - Everyone really appreciated the goals and having specific tasks that they were set to accomplish - that was one of everyone's favorite parts about this party as opposed to others we've done, but some people felt their goals were a little too silly or unrelated to the party. Things like buying/selling recipes were hard to accomplish (because no one was willing to spend credits on imaginary recipes), and some people got frustrated with the price haggling, as the goals were always conflicting in the 'buy for less than' and 'sell for more than' achievements. People's suggestions in this regard were that the goals be more directly tied to some of the secret information rather than unrelated to the mystery (recipes, selling/serving food, cleaning up, etc) - something like 'make sure you find out something you didn't know about this character' or 'threaten this character that you'll reveal xyz information' etc

    - Along similar lines, some people wished for a little more direction of what to do with the secret information. We had a few first-time players, and they in particular were not quite sure what to do with the information they had. Everyone thought it would've been more helpful if some of the info had directives attached like 'make sure to keep this secret from this character' or 'share this with this character in exchange for a favor' or things like that to further push game play

    - Some characters also felt there were a few informational gaps in character information - for instance, Canthalus was on the look out for Macerak to attempt to arrest Mak, but Macerak was never given any instruction that he should attempt to do something like take Mak into custody, and so it never happened. Similarly, Nir and Canthalus were trying to keep Macerak unarmed, but weren't really sure why - that information was given in Macerak's character description, but not anyone else's. Mak kept waiting to have interactions from the bounty hunters, but was never actually approached, etc.

    - Everyone liked the scavenger hunt, and we all felt this party was a lot more 'fair' in the way evidence and information was passed around (several we've done in the past were frustrating for about half the characters, who didn't have any interaction or information about the murderer, and therefore almost no chance of solving it).

    - Set up wise, I found the guide to be helpful and informative, although I did wish for a little more clarity in the actual party walk thru. I kept having to check and re-check what I was supposed to do next to make sure it was all in the right order - something like a very brief schedule outline would've been good.
All in all it was a lot of fun
By on at 07:14 PM (GMT)
  • We did the party for my daughter's 16th birthday party and it was a big success. The murderer totally got away with it due to quick thinking and acting skills. Someone else got best actor, because no one realized she was lying. On the other hand, there seemed to be more evidence pointing to the staff members than to the murderer. I wish that with careful thinking they could have deduced the murderer. but perhaps it is designed to lead people astray.

    The relationships between people were complicated and sometimes the guests had trouble holding all the names and various relationships in their heads for smooth acting. I didn't feel comfortable assigning a guest to the role of kitchen staff. My husband took one of the roles and left the kitchen girl out. I couldn't see asking a guest to help serve the food. We told them that Ona was sick that night

    We enjoyed having everything layed out for us, as we have done LARPs in the past that we wrote ourselves and it is time consuming. I was disappointed with the food suggestions because when I host a party I feel like I need to have nice food, and it a case like this, thematic food. We ended up making a menu based on various sci fi movies and themes. What surprised us was that because there was a prize for having the most money, many of the kids avoided eating. So at break time we made everything free so they would eat.

    All in all it was a lot of fun, the kids got into their roles and enjoyed getting awards afterwards. I gave first second and third in each category so everyone got something. (I know, they are teenagers and would be fine, but I'm still a mom who wants all the kids to have fun.) Afterwards they all sat around talking and rehashing what they did and why, telling each other how they tricked each other etc.

    Party guidebook was okay, but sometimes redundant with other parts. Needs better food ideas and decorating ideas. We did the invitations via email as it seemed more futuristic. We let my daughter assign roles based on the simple sheet of characters. One thing that wasn't clear was the relationship between Ona and Jaceph (?) on the basic character sheet. I think that should move up so that people do not mistakenly cast themselves or others into roles that would be uncomfortable for guests. My husband made pdfs for each character to send to them, and then a second copy for their envelope we handed out when they got here. I thought the money was more complicated than necessary.

    Thanks for a fun product!
  • We ended up making a menu based on various sci fi movies and themes.
  • Because darkness seemed essetial to the murder, we spent a fair amount of time trying to cover all the windows and light sources in our home, which I realized in retrospect was not really necessary, as the murderer doesn't actually have to leave her seat during the murder. Also, our home is not at all modern or space themed so we needed to put away most of our stuff to give the feeling of being in space. More work than I anticipated. The kids we invited were mostly theater kids, so we wanted a nice "set" for them.
Amazing time! Lot of work.
By on at 07:33 PM (GMT)
  • Everyone had an amazing time! I had no idea just how much work I was getting myself into by being the host, until I had 12 people all wanting food and drinks at the same time. :)

    Some guests felt that more back story would have been nice. Why are there four kinds of corporate credits when only PsyTran is mentioned, for example.

    A 'Characters you should make contact with' section to the character packets would help people know who to talk to. Also, possibly the opposite would be useful as well-- 'Characters you should avoid'

    Apart from those few quibbles and suggestions, I absolutely feel that I got my money's worth from your product. Everyone had a wonderful time, and I am already looking into throwing another Playing With Murder party sometime this summer.

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