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Haunted Halloween Heist - Mystery Party Kit


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The Haunted Halloween Heist

Add intrigue and fun to your next party with this family friendly, Halloween themed mystery game.
Format: Mystery Party Kit
Setting: Haunted forest
Players: 5-100+ people
Time: 90+ minutes
Ages: Adult / Teen / Child
Scavenger hunt mystery where players dress up like monsters and track down a Halloween candy thief. Perfect for family, school, and Halloween parties!

The Mystery...

The Shufflemore Woods are the haunted home of numerous monsters, ghouls, goblins and other things that go bump in the night.  Every Halloween, the dark denizens of the forest gather in the center of the Woods to hold a fantastic Halloween festival, complete with song, dance, eerie decorations and – best of all – a great piñata, filled with candy.  But this year, something has gone terribly wrong!

Last night, while most everyone was getting ready for the bash, the party supplies were stolen! The gravestones were toppled over and dragged away, the pumpkins disappeared, the guards went missing, the bats and spiders have fled and, worst of all, the candy filled piñata is gone! 

All that remains are some scattered pieces of candy. Everybody knows you don't mess with the piñata! This is a bold monster indeed. The players will have to search for clues that point to whoever could have done such a villainous deed the night before Halloween.

The Haunted Halloween Heist  is an easy-to-run, scavenger hunt themed mystery that is suitable for any number of players of any age!  This mystery features the following:

  • Unlimited players: while the game requires at least five players, it can be run for any number of guests.
  • No gender requirements: this can be run as an all male, all female, or mixed-group party.
  • Suitable for all ages: this party contains no adult or risqué themes, making it perfect for child-friendly events, while still being plenty of fun for adults!
  • Flexible character roles: this party features characters who can be assigned to party-goers at the very last minute, so you can always have a character on hand for last minute arrivals, and it won’t spoil the story if one of your guests has to cancel at the last minute.

The Haunted Halloween Heist is suitable for 5 to 99 guests (or more!), plus the host or hostess. The available characters include:

  • Earl/Erline King: The Goblin Sherriff of Shufflemoore Woods, Earl/Erline is a cunning monster with an eye for detail and the ability to ferret out the facts.  This role will be played by the host or hostess.
  • Bobby Lupescu: A towering werewolf with a mean streak, Bobby is one of the suspects.
  • Lee Walker: A gaunt, cadaverous zombie, Lee is another suspect.
  • Cameron Vaduva: A bewitchingly attractive vampire, Cameron is a newcomer to Shufflemoore Woods and is the third suspect.
  • Scarecrow Jack/Jackie: One of the two guardians of Gloomstone Glade in the center of Shufflemore Woods, Jack/Jackie has gone missing and must be found!
  • Scarecrow Sam/Samantha: The second of the Gloomstone Glade guardians, Sam/Samantha has also gone missing.
  • Any number of Goblins, Ghouls or Monsters: These creatures come in all manner of shapes, sizes and dispositions, and make up the majority of the population of Shufflemoore Woods.

How to Play

How to Play

  1. Each guest will each assume the role of a particular character
    Mystery Parties involve a combination of improvisational acting, storytelling, and creative problem solving. Each guest will play the part of that character throughout the course of the game. Each character has specific personality traits, goals, secrets, and information, all of which are included in the character sheet; a big part of the fun is getting into character and taking on a new, exciting role.
  2. A mysterious Event will occur
    At some point during the party, an Event will occur that will force the players to come together in order to solve a problem or unravel a mystery. Traditionally, the Event in question will be the murder of one of the characters (as played by a guest), but the parties crafted by Playing With Murder often use this basic framework to accommodate different types of Events, thereby ensuring that your guests will be surprised and entertained (even if they are veteran murder mystery party players).
  3. Solve the mystery!
    Your guests will need to use the information that their characters know (as well as additional clues that are provided during the game) to solve the mystery or overcome the problem posed by the Event. Typically this culminates in the guests voting on the identity of the murderer, but again, different parties will have different specific goals. All of our parties also come complete with additional subgames (treasure hunts, unique character goals and special puzzles) that are guaranteed to keep the action intense and your guests motivated and focused.

First time hosting a murder mystery party?
Visit our How to Host a Mystery Party page to get step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for your murder mystery party.

What's Included

Haunted Halloween Heist is a 59-page downloadable PDF file that you print at home. It includes the following features:

  • An introduction that explains the basic principles of running a mystery-party and provides specific tips on props, menu items, sound effects, scavenger hunt set up and special tips to help make your party exciting, memorable and easy to run
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for your party
  • A detailed party guidebook that will walk you through the event in a simple, easy-to-understand format
  • Nametags and character sheets for each player - the character sheets include tips on costuming and role-playing, as well special goals and information unique to each character
  • Fully customizable invitations, complete with RSVP cards and guest lists
  • 32 illustrated token sheets to represent the clues and scavenger hunt items your guests will search for
  • Voting sheets
  • Customizable awards for your guests
  • And much more!

With your purchase of The Haunted Halloween Heist  you will also receive the following:

  • Step-by-step printing instructions
  • A zip file of mp3 audio effects for use with your party
  • Instructions on how to use these audio clips to best effect

Playing With Murder offers several audio files for use with each of our Mystery Party Kits. The audio clip below provides a sample of the sound effects included with The Haunted Halloween Heist.

Play audio sample:


Alternative content

The specific audio files for The Haunted Halloween Heist include:

  • Scarecrow Jack/Jackie’s testimony regarding what happened the night of the crime;
  • Scarecrow Sam/Samantha’s testimony regarding what happened the night of the crime.
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29 10 201808:15 AM
  • Game Rating:
Halloween party. It was awesome.
This was a very fun party for our age group of 8-10. We had 24 girls and completed in 1 hour but they could have used more time. The story line was very simple and easy to figure out but we still had groups choosing different culprits. We used real props from the dollar store and attached the vouchers. All of the girls were engaged in solving the mystery. We will use this idea for parties in the future.
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03 10 201706:19 PM
  • Game Rating:
Party went great!
I did the party for my 14 year old niece's birthday. We did the scavenger hunt outside. I thought being 14 and 15 year old that they might lose interest. All of our guests dressed up which was surprising, I figured that some wouldn't. They all seemed excited and interested in the game, they kept focused until the end. I would say the party was a success!
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17 10 201608:31 PM
  • Game Rating:
Halloween Heist
This was a party of 10-13 year olds. 13 kids. We had 3 adults be the suspects. I actually broke up the host's text into smaller parts had them write their names on the name tags and put them in a hat. When we pulled a name out, that "monster" came and read the text. 4 different people got to show a clue and question the suspects.

It went well. I wondered if it was too obvious who the culprit was, but some people did make other guesses. All in all, it took about 1/2 hour to 40 minutes. I think the kids enjoyed it overall.
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10 11 201504:30 PM
  • Game Rating:
Super awesome halloween heist
We loved this party! We had planned a dinner party with family friends including all of our 4 children (ages 7 10 10) The Halloween Heist was perfect as it gave plenty of fun elements for the children to complete during the evening, while the adults took on the key suspect roles. The written materials, instructions and design was wonderfully laid out for the host and it came together very easily.
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