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Toy Chest Trauma - 30 Minute Mystery


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Toy Chest Trauma

Add intrigue to your next party with this mystery game, set in a child's toy room.
Format: 30 Minute Mystery
Setting: A child's bedroom
Players: 8-16 (Standard Game)
17-100+ (Expanded Game)
Time: 30+ minutes
Ages: Family / Children
A missing teddy leaves Alicia's toys worried...


Your guests will play the roles of toys belonging to little Alicia Smith, age 6. Your lives have always been carefree and happy, until now. Something terrible has happened! Sometime during the night, Theodore Rosy-Felt the Stuffed Bear has disappeared. He isn't in the toy chest, he isn't on the bed, and he isn't on the shelf or behind the door.

Solving the Mystery

Something must have happened to him, and everyone suspects that there is foul play involved. Little Alicia went downstairs to watch cartoons without noticing that Theodore was gone, but when she comes back up she's sure to realize he's missing, and she's going to be heartbroken. The guests need to find out what happened to Theodore before Alicia gets back!


There are 8 primary characters in this game. Read the "How to Play" section for instructions on how to play this game with more than 8 people.

  • Barbara the Glamour Doll: Barbara is a stylish, snobbish beauty queen of a doll, with little use for other toys.
  • Mr. Nurfles the Stuffed Snuggle Bunny: Mr. Nurfles is a tenderhearted, good natured, lovable stuffed animal, but he is none too bright.
  • Action Joe the Army Doll: Action Joe is a tough-as-nails action figure, rugged, competent, and quick to action.
  • Biscuits the Adorable Patchwork Puppy: Biscuits is a scruffy, huggable toy dog, whose patchwork exterior hides a keen mind.
  • Rudy the Antique Rocking Horse: The oldest of Alicia's toys, Rudy is a genuine antique with a kind and quiet demeanor.
  • Judith the Puppet Princess: A finely crafted puppet, Judith is perhaps the most sophisticated and suave of all the toys.
  • Jacqueline the Jack-in-the-Box: Perpetually excited and enthusiastic, Jacqueline is a loud-mouthed toy who delights in randomness and chaos.
  • Baby Sleeps-a-Lot the Super-Realistic Baby Doll: Nearly the polar opposite of Jacqueline, Baby Sleeps-a-Lot is definitely the most laid back and relaxed of all Alicia's toys.

Extra Players

  • Investigator: If you have more than 8 players, additional players have the option of playing the role of "Investigators". In this role the players are not suspects and do not have character backgrounds but can question the suspects and try to solve the mystery along with the other players.
How to Play

Our line of 30 Minute Mysteries is specially designed for fast setup and easy play. All you need to do to get started is:

  1. Print out the party guide
  2. Gather a group of players
  3. Hand out character sheets and name tags
  4. Follow the party guide instructions

Best of all, the party facilitator can choose whether they join in the game and solve the mystery along with the other guests!

Playing the Game

While this mystery has 8 primary characters, it is designed to accommodate any number of additional players. See the "Expanded Game for Large Groups" section below if you have more than 8 players.

Each of the players will be assigned a character and given a character sheet that explains who or what their character is, what information their character knows, and how their character should respond to events that occur during the game.

The game will progress in rounds.

Round One will start with the party's host or hostess reading a script that explains the nature of the mystery that is afoot. After the introduction is read, each player at the table will share a piece of information from their character sheet, and all the other players will have an opportunity to respond to that piece of information.

Round Two begins with the host sharing a clue that should shed further light on the mystery. After the clue is revealed, the players will once again go around the table, providing another piece of information and then responding.

Round Three, the final round, begins with the host sharing the last clue. The players then go around the table a final time, sharing their last piece of information and responding to each other.

By this point, the players should have learned enough information to be able to piece together a theory about who was responsible for the murder. Each player (or team) will say the name of the person who they think is responsible. The host will then read the final page of the mystery aloud, revealing the culprit. Any player or couple who correctly guessed the identity of the killer is declared a winner.

From start to finish, the entire game should generally only require half an hour to complete.

Note: As the host or hostess, there are certain times when you will be called upon to read aloud passages from this booklet. Passages that are meant to be read aloud will be clearly labeled and contained in a gray box.

What Do I Need in Order to Play?

Our 30 Minute Mysteries are specifically designed to not require very much in the way of supplies. All you really need is:

  • a table to sit around (or a large playing area where the guests can sit in a circle)
  • a group of players (minimum 8 people)
  • a printed copy of this booklet
  • a pair of scissors (to cut out nametag placards for each character)
  • pencils or pens for each player


  • Scratch paper (for players to take notes on)
  • Folders (to help players conceal their character sheets)

If you wish to do so, you may also choose to provide prizes for the winner or winners (any players who accurately identify the culprit). Some suggested prizes might include candy, bath and body products, homemade treats or any other small, inexpensive gift item; remember that it is possible for multiple players to win, so if you choose to offer prizes, make sure you have enough on hand!

Expanded Game For Large Groups

If you have more than 8 players, there are three ways that you can accommodate everyone:

  • Investigator Role - Using this method, eight guests play the primary characters while the remainder of the guests each play the Investigator role. Players in this role are not suspects and do not have character backgrounds but can question the suspects and try to solve the mystery along with the other players.
  • Teams - Each primary character can be played by 2 or more people that work together as a team. This works well if you've invited several couples to your event, but also works if you break up your guests into eight larger teams of 3 or more guests.
  • Multiple Groups - If you have 16 or more guests, you can break them up into groups of 8 players and run multiple instances of the game on their own. This method is best for large events (e.g. fundraisers) where each table of people can play through the game independently. This method goes well with the Investigator method, which allows you the flexibility to add more than 8 people to any group.

Both the standard and expanded games are included with the purchase of any game kit.

What's Included

Toy Chest Trauma is a 26-page downloadable PDF file that you print at home. It includes the following features:

  • An introduction that explains the basic principles of running a 30-Minute Mystery
  • A detailed party guidebook that will walk you through the event in a simple, easy-to-understand format
  • Nametags and character sheets for each player - the character sheets include tips on costuming and role-playing, as well special goals and information unique to each character
  • Step-by-step printing instructions
  • And much more!
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15 01 201901:05 AM
  • Game Rating:
Toy Chest Trauma left not trauma!
My Girl Scout Troop used the Toy Chest Trauma as the entertainment for a Mother-Daughter event. It was a big hit with girls ranging from 5 years to 13 years old. The girls dressed up like a toy. We had a stage with a bedroom scene and props. We posted a board about fingerprints where guests could analyze their prints. Girls could make pictures with their own fingerprints. The tables had toys for the centerpieces. Some of our attendants guest why Theodore Rosy-Felt the Stuffed Bear disappeared. They were very intrigued. Everyone had a blast!
  • We kept it simple with hot dogs, chips, lemonade, and brownies.
  • Our flyer invited guests to Solve a Mystery at the Mother-Daughter Mystery Party. We provided mini magnifying glasses as a SWAP and a patch with toys in a toy chest along with a simple lunch. The troop enjoyed acting their parts.
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20 12 201701:40 AM
  • Game Rating:
Trauma in the Toy Shop
I used this at our children's CHRISTmas party at church. The prep was very little and the kids and adults had a wonderful time. It lasted 35 minutes and then kids were ready for another mystery - they loved it
Show more comments (-2) Hide comments
09 03 201709:55 PM
  • Game Rating:
30th Birthday Surprise Party
We had a mix of ages with lots of young ones. We chose this party so they could participate. Everyone had fun. We hope to do another mystery party in the future!
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21 08 201709:27 PM
  • Game Rating:
Teddy Train Trauma
For my son's 7th birthday we ordered this game. We rented a 4 carriage train with a dining car and invited all his friends, their siblings, and parents. We created portfolio files for all characters and our detectives so they could feel "official", make notes, review suspects. We printed the clues on 4x6 photos and handed them out to each person when the time came. We printed each player's lines on colored index cards that corresponded with each round. This helped them focus on just their role. We also allowed some character descriptions to be read as introductions and other parts to be secret characteristics that only that character and 1 or 2 other players would know. Allowing our investigators some 'inside knowledge' they gained from interviews (not done during the game).

In the end, they all had fun, parents, teenage siblings, the 7-year-olds all got into character and had a ton of fun playing off each other. They cast their vote on the culprit and then the winners all received a teddy bear award.
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13 03 201710:19 PM
  • Game Rating:
Fun with Mystery Dinner
We used this script (non-murder) with a group of 10-year old girls and they had a blast.

We didn't tell them their characters in advance and just had a toy at each person's place with their background and script instructions in a folder.

Instead of announcing the culprit at the end, we had each person go to a separate room and provide a video on who they thought did the crime. We replayed the info with the group and the culprit made a video confession. Hilarious!
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16 02 201707:02 AM
  • Game Rating:
Toy Chest Trauma
Torrance Moose Lodge #785, Murder Mystery Function.
We had all characters dress for their part and perform their individual parts through each round.
The characters not only dressed for the occasion but did very well acting out their Characters.
We had a group of 70 in the Audience as Investigators, very few actually guessed correctly. This was our 5th Murder Mystery and was told by members that this was one of the best.
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11 09 201606:09 AM
  • Game Rating:
Crazy cast having a lot of fun!
We took this mystery to a combined event with friends. They didn't know we were doing this, but everyone played along and it was so fun! They really got into the character roles which we predetermined. Only one investigator and one character identified the culprit. Definitely an enjoyable experience!
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11 05 201402:56 AM
The party was a blast!
Everyone really took their roles very seriously, many dressing up as the various toys. Everyone guessed who the real culprit was, but thought it was too obvious so during their final guesses, no one guessed the real one! I will definitely be using these again. Many thanks!!!
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