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Last Stop: Murder - Mystery Party Kit


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Last Stop: Murder

Add intrigue to your next party with this murder mystery game, set on a snow-stopped train.
Format: Mystery Party Kit
Setting: Aboard a train
Players: 10-15 people
Time: 90+ minutes
Ages: Adult
Murder aboard a snow-stopped train…


You and your guests are passengers on the luxurious Oriental Express. Your fellow passengers number several unsavory characters, almost certainly up to no good. No one knows who they can trust, as everyone seems to have an ulterior motive.


Unexpectedly, the train is snowed in and one of the passengers is murdered. Fortunately, the famed detective Pardot is on board. With the help of your guests, the identity of the murderer should be discovered by the time the police arrive.

Solving the Mystery

Now the guests must work together to sift through the evidence and identify the killer in their midst!


Last Stop Murder is suitable for 10-15 guests, including the host or hostess. In this particular game, the host or hostess will play the role of Detective Pardot, who will enlist the aid of the other passengers in order to solve the mystery. The available guests include:

Male Roles

  • Stephen Goldring, the American: A wealthy American businessman with a taste for the finer things in life, particularly women.
  • Ernesto Vespucci, the Gambler: An Italian gambler who loves food and drink.
  • Count Zoltan Navatov, the Count: A wealthy Hungarian nobleman returning from his second honeymoon with his wife in Paris.
  • Colonel Major General Reginald Tobias, the General: A retired British army officer on his way to India.
  • Roderick Broadhausen, the Student: A European university student suffering from a deep bout of existential angst.

Female Roles

  • Patty Hunt, the Widow: A wealthy American widow with four dead husbands and a dark reputation.
  • Princess Elisabetta Dagomir, the Princess: A wealthy Russian princess who loves books and intelligent debate.
  • Gretchen Sutteberg, the Maid: Princess Dagomir’s personal servant and constant companion.
  • Suzette Delacroix, the Headmistress: A teacher currently traveling to her next job aboard the first class car for the first time.
  • Annette “Annie” Mayfield, the Saleswoman: An ambitious American saleswoman who dreams of becoming Europe’s first make-up mogul.

Male or Female Roles

  • Sampson/Hypaetia Pardot, the Detective (Played by the Host or Hostess): A world famous detective investigating a series of crimes committed aboard the Orient Express recently.
  • Pierre/Monet Parpadue, the Conductor: The Conductor of the Orient Express and quite possibly the world’s rudest Frenchman/woman.
  • Sam Ignatio, the Porter: A vital member of the Orient Express staff who sees and hears everything.
How to Play

Follow these steps to host you mystery:

  1. Each guest will each assume the role of a particular character
    Mystery Parties involve a combination of improvisational acting, storytelling, and creative problem solving. Each guest will play the part of that character throughout the course of the game. Each character has specific personality traits, goals, secrets, and information, all of which are included in the character sheet; a big part of the fun is getting into character and taking on a new, exciting role.

  2. A mysterious Event will occur
    At some point during the party, an Event will occur that will force the players to come together in order to solve a problem or unravel a mystery. Traditionally, the Event in question will be the murder of one of the characters (as played by a guest), but the parties crafted by Playing With Murder often use this basic framework to accommodate different types of Events, thereby ensuring that your guests will be surprised and entertained (even if they are veteran murder mystery party players).

  3. Solve the mystery!
    Your guests will need to use the information that their characters know (as well as additional clues that are provided during the game) to solve the mystery or overcome the problem posed by the Event. Typically this culminates in the guests voting on the identity of the murderer, but again, different parties will have different specific goals. All of our parties also come complete with additional subgames (treasure hunts, unique character goals and special puzzles) that are guaranteed to keep the action intense and your guests motivated and focused.

First time hosting a murder mystery party?
Visit our How to Host a Mystery Party page to get step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for your murder mystery party.

What's Included

Last Stop: Murder is a 122-page downloadable PDF file that you print at home. It includes the following features:

  • An introduction that explains the basic principles of running a mystery-party and provides specific tips on props, menu items, sound effects, and special tips to help make your party exciting, memorable and easy to run
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for your party
  • A detailed party guidebook that will walk you through the event in a simple, easy-to-understand format
  • Nametags and character sheets for each player - the character sheets include tips on costuming and role-playing, as well special goals and information unique to each character
  • Fully customizable invitations, complete with RSVP cards and guest lists
  • 3 pages of full color props and clues for use during the scavenger hunt
  • Voting sheets
  • Customizable awards for your guests
  • And much more!

With your purchase of Last Stop: Murder you will also receive the following:

  • Step-by-step printing instructions
  • Three mp3 audio effects for use with your party
  • Instructions on how to use these audio clips to best effect

Playing With Murder offers several audio files for use with each of our Mystery Party Kits. The audio clip below provides a sample montage of the sound effects included with Last Stop Murder.

Play audio sample:


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The specific audio files for Last Stop Murder include:

  • An “all aboard” call to get the party started
  • The background sounds of the train
  • The sound of the winter storm raging outside the stalled train