Today's feature is a spectacular Murder in Manhattan 40th birthday party. Caterers and bartenders did a great job making sure food was abundant and the glasses were always full.

Bartender and guests.
Fitting the part.

"We took the time to give people roles (characters) that fit their personalities. This, along with everyone coming dressed to their role, were a few of the reasons the event was a tremendous success." -Jennifer, the hostess

Jennifer was a great hostess and provided wine, beer, and lots of cocktails for her guests.

Enjoying the party.
Dressed for murder.
Dressed for the part.
Successful party.

She had Christmas lights on a railing to give the allure of a penthouse party while keeping the rest of the lights dim to further set the mood. There was music playing in the background, adding to the ambiance. Jennifer also provided a lot of appetizers including a cheese plate, spring roles, and crackers with dip.

"Everyone left that evening commenting how much fun they had and what a great time. We are thinking about making this a yearly party!"

Guests got into character so well that when a bunch of players met up a month afterwards, they had to reintroduce themselves to find out their real names!

Thank you, Jennifer, for choosing Playing With Murder and for sharing such wonderful photos of your Murder in Manhattan party.