Ho ho ho and Merry Christmas friends and fellow mystery aficionados! Or is it? 

In celebration of the holiday season, Playing With Murder is thrilled to announce the release of our latest mini, There Might Be No Christmas. Set in Santa's Workshop in the frosty reaches of the North Pole, this light hearted mystery requires your guests and players to figure out who is responsible for the theft of Santa's magic sack of toys. 

Was it the Krampus? The disgruntled elf? Tonya Baum, the singing Christmas Tree? Could it have been Mrs. Claus? Whoever it was, Santa is hopping mad, and if the mystery isn't solved soon, there really might be no Christmas! 

With a special holiday price of only $9.95, this mini-mystery makes a perfect last minute Christmas gift, or a fun way for the extended family to spend an evening. Best of all, this mystery is suitable for all ages! 

Here's hoping you and yours have a fun filled holiday and a wonderful New Year!