Welcome friends and fellow mystery aficionados! 

Playing With Murder is pleased to announce the launch of four brand new mini-mysteries! 

First, The Great Canine Follicle Debacle is a light-hearted, family-friendly, murder-free mystery in which the guests take on the roles of the canine contestants in the prestigious Bestbred Dog Show. Petunia the Poodle, one of the dogs in the show, has met with a horribly embarrassing fate: someone substituted a bottle of hair removal lotion for her shampoo, and now she’s bald! It’s up to the guests to figure out who is responsible. 

In Murder on Two Wheels, Playing With Murder’s first ever motorcycle themed mystery, the guests will be playing the role of sleazy motorcycle gang members as they work to determine who murdered a loathed member of their gang. 

Pryce in Blood is a tightly woven, intense, historically accurate Pirate mystery. The guests will be playing the roles of surviving crewmembers of the wrecked pirate ship Retribution; the ship’s captain, Bartholomew Pryce, has been murdered, and his prized treasure map has been stolen. Now it’s up to the guests to determine who murdered the captain in order to recover the treasure map, find the treasure, and, of course, exact pirate justice! 

And finally, just in time for Halloween, Playing With Murder is releasing The Thing in the Cellar! In this mystery, the guests will be playing the roles of monstrous roommates sharing a haunted house and preparing for their annual Halloween fright-fest. This murder-free mystery promises to be a spooky, chuckle-filled night of frightful fun for adults and children alike! 

PWM mini-mysteries are playable with almost no preparation, and designed to only last for half an hour to an hour, so these games are a great fit for players who are looking for something that is both simple and unique. As always, our mini-mysteries are easy on the host: all you have to do is print off the script, hand out characters and play along! 

Here’s hoping that you all have a wonderful and exciting Halloween, filled with fun and mystery!