Greetings friends and fellow mystery aficionados!

Today’s post is our Featured Party for the month of July: Ann-Marie Borden ran Jazz Age Jeopardy, and we’ve rarely seen anyone who put so much ingenuity and effort into preparation, decoration, food and costuming!

Ann-Marie turned her kitchen and dining room into the Cat’s Meow Jazz Club where the mystery took place, with the murder scene itself set up in a separate room away from the party.  In addition to all the decoration, Ann-Marie’s party featured a Murder Cheesecake (shown below) and lots of other treats, as well as “moonshine” (beer), cocktails and champagne.  Her guests really got into character, using the costuming suggestions included in the party guidebook, and the extensive 1920’s slang and lingo sheet that comes with the party.

Thank you Ann-Marie for putting together such a great party and sharing it with us; we love it when our hosts go to such lengths to really make the party their own!

Readers, if any of you would like to have your party featured on Playing With Murder, send us your pictures and party description; we’d love to hear from you all! Contact us here to learn more.

Happy partying!

Ken Blumreich, Owner and Author, PWM Press