Welcome friends and fellow mystery aficionados!

You asked, and we listened!  Playing With Murder is thrilled to announce the launch of Jazz Age Jeopardy, an evening of intrigue and mayhem set in the Roaring Twenties. Get ready to break out your best flapper styles, fedoras, feather boas, sequins, tuxedos, and cigarette holders!

Inspired by The Great Gatsby, this incredibly detailed party gets underway at The Cat’s Meow, a bootlegging jazz joint owned by the dapper Felix Fontano, son of the notorious rum-runner, Frank Fontano.  The guest list includes a number of lively characters: musicians, sophisticates, artists, silver screen stars, and hoodlums -- all brought together by the promise of high class entertainment and the lure of prohibited booze.

The 1920s is one of America’s most fascinating time periods, when fashion, technology, music, and morals were changing at lightning speed. Between the end of World War I and the Great Depression, progress clashed with Prohibition as new music, new slang, new dances, and new rights for women were the order of the day. Women gained the right to vote, jazz music and dances like the Charleston and the Tango scandalized the nation as they were danced by young men in cuffed trousers and young women sporting short hair and shorter hemlines. People flocked to watch silent film stars, and the first “talkie” movie premiered. Although illegal, alcohol still flowed freely behind the closed doors of speakeasy establishments, supplied by mobster who rose to power during this time.

Jazz Age Jeopardy captures all the glamour and seediness of the Prohibition Era, featuring characters from all walks of life engaged in scintillating schemes, unlikely affairs, and behind-the-scenes plot twists.  When a murderer is discovered in their midst, suddenly an evening of frivolity becomes a high stakes investigation as the characters scramble to avoid getting the police involved and having their reputations tarnished (not to mention the potential for jail time or being targeted by the Mob!) by being discovered in an illegal – if swanky – club. 

Suitable for 15 to 24 players, this mystery offers tons of intrigue, as well as the opportunity to live out all of your 1920s fantasies while enjoying dinner, drinks, and cutting a rug on the dance floor!