Hello friends and fellow mystery aficionados!

Today we’d like to highlight a mystery party thrown by one of our wonderful customers. This will give you, the reader, the opportunity to see just how another host has turned her mystery party into an awesome and fun event. Hopefully it inspires your next party!

The Undead

Our highlighted party is The Terrible Castle of Baron Castaign, put on by Ms. Chantal P. as part of a birthday celebration for her husband. Chantal’s party needed some special adjustments in order to properly accommodate her intended guest list, so I spent some time working with her on making some small changes to the character list (a service I’m always willing to provide to our customers) in order to make the party a better fit.

And what a party it was! The Terrible Castle of Baron Castaign is set in a creepy, medieval manor. Most hosts take some time to outfit their home or apartment with a bit of suitable décor, just to set the mood. Not Chantal! Instead she rented out Stockland Manor, an authentic British manor house! Stockland Manor can be viewed here (http://www.ihacom.co.uk/Holiday-rentals-Stockland-bristol-Residence-and-castle/3xQ/) and I can hardly imagine a more impressive and suitable venue for a vampire themed party. The party was, of course, a huge success! In Chantal’s own words (WARNING – SOME PLOT SPOILERS AHEAD):

“… we just got back from our Stockland Manor weekend late last night! The party was Saturday night and I've been looking forward to telling you how absolutely fantastic it was!!

The Manor was absolutely the perfect setting for your story - it was set out over 3 stories so there were more than enough rooms to allocate to all the stages. We did it all by the light of two candles (the torches) and at the points in the story when the candles went out and the vampires leapt out to attack a guest it was properly scary! Following [the murder victim's] death on the four poster bed I led the guests into another chamber so she could run downstairs and then play the role of the wolf (with full furry face mask and fur coat) outside the door which illicited a few screams when she leapt out.

The catacombs we adapted slightly and instead of a maze we used a large cupboard type space that guests were shut into one at a time to try and feel around in the pitch blackness and find the catacomb cards that were hidden in there. It worked really well for the sense of claustrophobia.

The guests were all fantastic in character. I haven't got many photos during the actual game because it was so dark but have plenty of great before and after ones. So I have attached some for you to have a look at. You are also welcome to use any on your website!

Everyone declared it one of the best parties ever so thank you very much! If we get to rent the manor again I will definitely get another one of your games!”

Chantal was kind enough to send us some pictures of the party, and they really show just how unbelievably impressive this gala event was! We have no doubt that Chantal’s guests will be talking about her Terrible Castle of Baron Castaign mystery party for years and years to come! Thanks Chantal!

Baron & Staff


Curtis & Esmerelda

Dimitri the Hunter

Edgar & Narrator

Inside Stockland Manor

Narrator & Baron with Dimitri's pistol

Stockland Manor

The Cast

The Cast

The Great Hall

The Staff

The Staff