Welcome friends and fellow mystery aficionados!

Playing With Murder is pleased to announce the launch of Dead Money, an evening of gambling and entertainment at the Lady Lux, a casino owned by the wealthy Dona Mancini. The guest list includes a number of gambling enthusiasts—from high rollers to novices—as well as the performers, dealers, and other staff employed by Dona Mancini. Everyone is expecting an evening replete with games of chance, dinner, drinks, and maybe a show—they aren’t expecting a power outage, a suspicious death, or a lockdown that prevents them from leaving the casino!

Suitable for 10 to 24 players, this mystery is divided into two primary segments. During the first portion of the evening (Act One), the events take place in the gaming area of the Lady Lux, a casino and night club owned by the wealthy Dona Mancini. The partygoers will have the opportunity to eat, drink, and play games of chance. The evening will progress as a largely normal party (though there will be some degree of intrigue built into the characters’ actions).

Suspicious Death!

At the midpoint of the evening, the power goes out in the casino. When the generator kicks in and the lights come back on, a woman screams—the sound coming from somewhere outside the gaming area. Upon investigation, the casino staff find that Kat Bloomberg, the Surveillance Manager, has dropped dead in the employee restroom. Was it foul play? The tension escalates when the partygoers realize that the casino’s security system has locked them in the building—possibly with a murderer in their midst! The Casino Operations Manager—played by the Host/Hostess and aided by the armed Security Manager—directs the guests into a back room and demands that everyone hand over their cell phones. The characters are uneasy but have no choice but to comply. When everyone has filed into the other room, the second segment begins.

Act Two opens with the characters huddled together in the surveillance room. Surrounded by screens and monitors, every nook and cranny of the casino is on display. They are frightened and suspicious of one another and of the casino staff, who suddenly seem less than friendly—and maybe more than a little shady.

Solving the Mystery

The group’s goals are threefold. First, they must determine whether the Surveillance Manager died of natural causes. Second, If foul play is suspected, they must determine who amongst them had the motive and the means to have carried out the deed. Third, they must find a way to alert law enforcement to the fact that they are being detained against their wills, preferably before any members of the group decide to administer justice themselves.

Assuming they are able to accomplish these goals, the players will also want to claim their winnings.