Hello friends and fellow mystery aficionados! 

I promised you all a very special update, and I’m extremely excited to tell you that, after many months of design, our new, full length, horror-based party is finally ready! That’s right, just in time for Halloween, Playing With Murder brings you Zombie Cannibal Asylum!

Equal parts mystery, costume party and horror show, Zombie Cannibal Asylum brings you and your guests to a post-apocalyptic world where the dead have risen and zombies stalk the earth! Society has crumbled, and humanity’s last hope is hidden away in the ruins of Penderghast Asylum, where Dr. Weiler and his team of scientists perform hideous experiments on the reanimated inmates, hoping to find a cure for the zombie plague.

Accommodating up to thirty-two guests, Zombie Cannibal Asylum provides the framework for an awesome, dramatic and entertaining evening of fun for zombie fans and mystery enthusiasts alike. Whether you are looking for a spectacular and memorable Halloween event, or just a murder mystery that defies common expectations, you’ll love this new offering! 

Have an awesome and memorable Halloween everyone!