Hello friends and fellow mystery aficionados! 

Playing With Murder is thrilled to announce the launch of two new full length mystery parties, as well as a brand new mini-mystery! 

Last Stop Murder is a brilliant period piece that pays homage to Agatha Christie’s acclaimed Murder on the Orient Express.Last Stop Murder is one of our most intellectually challenging and deviously designed parties, filled with fascinating and unsavory characters, and featuring an entirely new mini-game that allows your guests to try to piece together the identities of a group of international spies. Like all of our full mystery parties, Last Stop Murder features bonus sound effects, tips for menus and decorations, and gorgeous, full-color illustrations. 

Murder in Manhattan is our most ambitious and lengthy party to date. Featuring over two dozen possible characters, this 162 page masterpiece will lead your guests into a high society world of gossip, intrigue, blackmail and treachery. This mystery is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to hold a sophisticated cocktail party-themed event that features lots of backstabbing, rumor-mongering and social maneuvering. As always, this party features downloadable sound effects, menu suggestions, decorating tips and more—and this time we blew out all the stops when it came to the artwork;Murder in Manhattan features over forty pages of gorgeous, full color illustrations.

The Murder of the High Magus is a fantasy based mystery in which the guests take on the roles of the wizards and facultyof the College of Magic. Mysterious events have plagued the campus, finally culminating in the apparent murder of High Magus Wilburton; now it is up to the players to piece together clues and out the culprit! Like all our mini-mysteries, The Murder of the High Magus is playable with almost no preparation, and is designed to only last for half an hour to an hour, making it a great fit for players who are looking for something that is both simple and unique. 

Stay tuned for more updates. We have a very special Halloween mystery that will be launching before the end of September!