One of the most common pieces of feedback we hear from our hosts is that they'd like to play our games with a large group (i.e. 30 or more people). Until recently, most of our games could only accommodate groups smaller than that size.

That’s all changing!

We've heard these requests and are happy to announce that we have expanded all of our games to handle over 100 guests!

Just in time for the holidays we have updated our product line (both 30 Minute Mysteries and our Mystery Party Kits) to include "Investigator" characters. Investigators are silent observers who are allowed to “listen in” on conversations between the primary characters and help solve the mystery, but who do not have specific background stories or scripted interactions. This means that our mysteries can be enjoyed by an unlimited number of additional guests!

We are always working to improve our games so you can throw the best party possible. Make sure to check this blog often to learn about our latest updates. And (as always) if you have any questions about how to host an awesome party, just contact me!